Monday, September 24, 2007


One day comes with a Question Mark
A funny frown and an unsure walk
Seeking answers between Commas
But never ending in a Full Stop

As the Hopeful Healthy Heart beats
Faster than usual in moments of Glee
Slower and weary after a rainfall of Tears
Never a moment where it ceases to be!

One circle leads to another
As the River shimmers and moonbeams shine
It may go up or spiralling down
But it will never turn into a boring line

As we sit with our label-makers
Trying to stick notes on moving wheels
One for the Rain that came down in July
And left us full of Autumn Dreams

Trying to control where we want to go
Eclipsed by our own Helplessness
Afraid of being a Curious Child
Lost in a long, harmless wilderness

Coming back to an Exclamation!
Well behaved words between the lines
Organizing feelings in definite folders
Challenged and Blessed..

By the lack of Stop Signs

Friday, September 21, 2007

As The Boundaries Fade

I walk out of my mind
Now and then..
And always find
A brown girl

Speaking the same words
in a crisp tropical accent
Speaking the same language
Millimoles and Micrograms

Looking into Green Eyes
and making yellow heads nod
Watching the thoughtful Horizon
On a windy Ferry ride back home

Analyzing the difference
and marking similarities
Going back more than often now
to where she comes from
And fighting with the eventual questions
About where she wants to go