Sunday, July 19, 2009


How will it happen?
Would the last breath
Just leave gracefully
Gathering all her robes
And looking around
One last time
At the place that she
Went in and out for
All these years?

The beautiful body
That wore silver anklets
And a velvet blouse
That shivered in the
Dew-kissed cold
Of a sun-kissed town
The hands that wrote
Cooked and cared
The fingers that played
The violin and turned
Pages of poetry books
The slim waistline
Going broader at times
And slimmer again
Long hair bejeweled
With gardenia
So many sighs passed that chest
So many tears passed those eyes
The little breaths
that choked mid-sentence
And gave in, into a
Speechless teary silence
The blushing in love
And flushing in anger
Years of reading
For the poor tired eyes
Ghost stories told
Yet so many ghosts untold
Lurk around in this moment
Let them out.

They are all to be left
For the ones behind
To be given labels
Because the fight goes on
For all the others.
You are Free.

Is it an experience?
How many have you had
When that breath was still within?
The first kiss.
The first slap
Across your face.
The first few rupees
That you earned on your own.
The first humiliation.
And the first redemption.
Birth. Now this.

The beauty is that it
Cannot be told.
It cannot be written down.
Maybe, not even remembered.
As I analyze yours
I look forward to mine.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Journey of Emptiness

Sometimes we have empty heads
And sometimes empty bellies instead
So much culture and so much art
To fill the insatiable empty heart!

It takes turns too, little bastard!
For when I try and fill up my head
I find it racing into my heart
And hunger strikes, when it races ahead!
In the fleeting moments of satisfaction
When I lie around, a little overfed
All these thoughts of overeating
Make it go back into my head!

It has to be somewhere at all times
Like a counter weight(lessness) 
Takes a while before you know
All the moods of Emptiness
When you make it happen
It is meditation, Depression,
When it comes on its own
Lack of solitude when surrounded
And a silent yearning when alone!

A married man's mistress 
And a bachelor's wife!
It is all that is not 
a part of your life. :)

Sunday, July 5, 2009


What we thought
Would be Tomorrow
Is Today.

It does not have 
The frigid Gloom
Neither the fresh 
Flowers in bloom

It does not personify
The idle reveries 
Of the tired Yesterday
Nor does it make
The nightmares 
Come true. 

Just a little man
Walking his ego-less way
Until I go to bed
It is still Today.
Pruning the Dreams a bit
Filing the sharp Nightmares
The Todays turn into Tomorrows
And then long-forgotten Yesterdays.

But the sheer beauty of  the Mind
That calmly toils away
And without fear or hope
It always wakes up to a Today!