Friday, May 8, 2009

Joy Dynamics

The mysteries of converging dimensions
Of the same Happiness
From a little walk in the park
Sans the pram and daddy's finger
Moving on to a tricycle
A doll complete with a house
With clothes and shoes to match
A bicycle, dresses, shoes,ribbons
Expensive books.

Then the all encompassing age of Clothes
Of shoes, handbags and cellphones
Scooters and cars,
Computers and laptops
Then the ever widening horizons
Of replacing things with people
Planned dreams, planned friendships
Planned destinies.

And then escapes..
Happy escapes, musical escapes
Literary escapes, culinary escapes
A very good blender at times
Or a carefully earned chocolate
After a long session of Yoga
China roses in the garden
And then the same walk in the park
Sans dreams and sans shoes!

Mysteries of the
Streamline and converging
Definitions of the same
Old Simple