Friday, July 25, 2008


Raindrops on a Lotus Leaf
And my silly mind
I can look for a better contrast
But I know I will never find..

When I was a little girl
I closed my eyes in bed
And waited patiently for sleep
But saw these dots instead

Red and Blue dots 
Coming towards my nose
And I followed them all the way
Squinting on the rows
But now when I am in bed
And eager to follow those dots
They get brutally conquered 
By my peripatetic thoughts

Then I stand aside 
And try to direct my thoughts
Full of purpose and pride
Of standing out of the lot
Alas! I must confess
Even that is a mind-game
But I don't know what part of my mind
Finally calls it lame

Feelings are bad enough
Thoughts are even worse
And a million words to describe them
To make a pointless verse..
Language is such a burden sometimes
Too pretentious for the unsought 
After all it all begins
And ends in a little dot!