Monday, December 22, 2008

Empirical Worship

I try to reach You in my way

Sometimes like a scientist,

By resolving Anger and Fear

Into their primary colors

And then getting tired, angry and scared

Just to doze off in Your arms.

Sometimes like a poet,

Loving just to know How it love.

Sometimes honestly alone

And sometimes honestly sad

Sometimes finding happiness

in watching a line of ants walking by my bedside.

You are in the recipes I invent

In my own kitchen, just to realize later,

That I discovered something written ages ago

But then, the joy of finding You

Overpowers all the labels.

And in the free moments of my fearless solitude

As my eyes see a colorful kite

Playing hide and seek with the sun rays

I drop all my hopes in joy

And I call You my freedom.

I know by now that it is not easy

That all mothers are not free

The difference between hopelessness

In joy and sadness alike,

And the boundaries of liberty

I am grateful for that place

Between my heart and my mind

Where sometimes You come to visit me.

Monday, December 15, 2008


Answers to a lot of everyday puzzles
grow in the vegetable patch in the backyard..
I used to wonder why people like gardening
Now I know.

Juicy tomatoes help forget
The dry and pointless discussions at work
Hot chili sometimes soothes
The chilly winds between two people
What you sow comes out faithfully
And usually grows in direct proportion
With the care taken.

A fully grown garden
With mango and gardenia trees
Invites yoga mats and garden salads
And so much companionship!
Probably because trees don't talk
And don't have opinions
People converse in silences
In the gardens that they make

Gardens never break
Never fight and never let you down
Maybe that is why everyone travels inwards
Sometime sooner or later
Into the Gardens.