Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Shoe bites

I was a victim of terrible shoe bites
For a long span of time, which seemed like eternity then,
To my tired, woebegone feet
My big toes squished and the little ones inflamed
I walked around gingerly, to avoid all conflict
Between the shoe and its unfortunate contents

I just bought them, for almost two hundred dollars,
I would say to myself,
I am sure, my feet are going to get used to being in them
But rainbows and unicorns would flash in front of my eyes
Every time I took them off.

I would cross my ankles pretty, and stare at the grass
Outside the glass window
And fantasize about walking barefoot on it
Or the next best thing -- flat sneakers
I would spend a lot of time, from my life back then
Wondering what would happen if I really
Revolt against these persistent shoe bites

But they looked good on me, they made me look taller
They tightened my calves and my self esteem
They were well received, even applauded, socially
And women who wore them in pictures, looked very happy
All this being said, they were devouring my feet (and my happiness)

One Saturday, I woke up and stepped out barefoot
On the grass outside.
Then I called the nice lady at the nail spa
And took my feet for a relaxing pedicure
Lavender, mint and chocolate butter
Tenderly soaked all the blisters and abrasions
I covered the wounds with mickey mouse band aids
And bought the softest pair of socks and sneakers.

I came home and saw the monsters on the shoe rack
I could sense my big toes choking up
With the burden of the upcoming Monday morning..
I picked them up and threw them out.
Because, none of my worldly rationalizing
Was worth spending all my life,
Enduring those happiness destroying shoe bites.