Sunday, November 9, 2008


I like being suspended between lands
Just for a while when I travel
You are on a plane, all packed 
And dressed in your casual best. 
The frenzy of leaving done with
And the haste of arriving still far away
On a cloud, sipping your wine
Picking fruit from the little fruit box
Presented to you with a professional alacrity
Going back after a long time 
With your immediate future taken care of
Flights,hotels and train tickets all arranged
But the far away future is like scrambled eggs
No room for ten-years-later 
Questions after questions and lots of them
To be answered (or dodged) starting from Mumbai airport. :)

At such times,  poor mind seeks solace
In this little comma in the air
That is going to keep you away, 
At least for a few hours..
From all the panic of arranging full-stops for you! 
Thank Heavens for Journeys.