Wednesday, April 30, 2008


I am just flowing now
They seem to call me the River
And when the high mountains call
They will call me a Waterfall
In humble slums where mosquitoes huddle
They will clamp their noses and I will be a Puddle
Where am I going and what will I be?
Maybe the Rainfall or the Sea.

In any case I am not worried at all
Even when I am a Waterfall
The pleasures of being able to know
That you can even just let go
Or being heated and vaporized aloud
To turn into a thick dark cloud

I resign..I resign !!
I am happy with my peaceful mind
That helps me leave the happiness behind
I don't turn around to look
Failure is just a word in a book
Content with the place I choose
I never win and I never lose..
Free from the dales of unwanted sorrow
Free from Yesterday and Free from Tomorrow!

Thursday, April 3, 2008


I hear the Markets at 2 AM
Selling little eggplants with thorns
The half-moon slice of papaya with lemon
Half a glass of thickened tea
Long-lost cousins popping up
Telling me about their marriages and babies
Piping hot sheera with a scent of banana
With the morning dew on flowers

It is funny how my mind frees itself
And goes to India at night
Without a ticket, a passport even
And comes back by the morning light
When I wake up, it takes me a while
To know where I am
And early mornings are filled with sheer amusement
Of my mind's incredible wingspan!

The days are not too bad
Realistic,logical and scientific
Where I rationalize unreasonable events
And make peace with delays and mistakes
Returning to silent evenings
And cooking a Meal.

But I do look forward to bedtimes
When I can take my mind off her leash
And let her wander into the streets
Of my childhood
And tell me stories from home
When I am fast asleep !!