Thursday, August 13, 2009

Soul Window

The torrent has passed
And I am calm, lying on my bed
Watching the window with half-open blinds
From where the sun sends
His noble fingers inside
In slanting rays
Full of otherwise invisible dust

My soul perched on top of the blind
Free from the shackles of a nagging mind
Innocently wrapped in the morning light!
I pinch my calm to see if I let go
Maybe this is some placebo
Of  all the efforts, so well-prepared
Talking to me on their deathbed?
I wanted this for a long time
This calm, this utterly empty mind
All of a sudden these morning rays
Fill my eyes with an empty gaze

I will see this window everyday
And I can even see it at the same time
God knows how many more will open!
But this window, the way it is today
Can only be once in my lifetime.
Just like the place you cannot go to
All the time, so you take it with you

There is only one window
That opens into your soul.
And then what is left 
Is a lifetime of  the same memory. :)