Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Dreams that take off
Without the leash of fear
Without little hiccups of reason
Without the pillows of feigned detachment
Without the reserves of mental strength
Built for stillborns that are yet to be conceived

Like a dancer dancing
Not for her audience
Like the sound of a flute
In an open field
Like a brilliant bird
Against a brilliant Sun

Without any cushions of
Careful damage control
Without prayer, without pledge
Like a little boy flying his kite
In a crowded colorful sky

This year, and for each one
That comes later,
My dreams are going to be
Fearless men on horses
Without any armour.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Cleaning up

Cleaning up always starts with a mess
So many silent defeats to bear
Before the soul shrugs off mind
Clinging to her knees!
And that moment is not propelling
It reverts back sometimes
Too hot a day or a sudden urge
To call a friend who is far away :)
But when the nagging from the inside
Overpowers temptation
It all starts over again.
Folding, washing, putting away
Pairing lonely socks after days
Of wearing mismatched couples
Under an unsuspecting pair of pants
Putting books in boxes
(After losing yourself in each one of them
For a time too long to make up for)
It is always a balance between
Distractions and Duties
Impulses and Plans
Dreams and Reality

Cleaning up is never easy
A house or a mind, it is equally difficult!