Saturday, February 13, 2010

Same old concept..all over again!

A wandering mind; a floating cloud
Watching a dutiful river flow,
Stretching her arms towards the heavens..
But the Earth never lets her go..
The floating slows down when the cloud
Sprouts her own reluctant water feet
Comes back to fill the thirsty cracks
Where seeds and raindrops secretly meet..

An unwanted celebration once again,
Once again, the same old colors of spring..
Lamenting the return to life
From almost knowing what the heavens sing..
I have seen this all before, over and over
The raindrops with rainbows, and the butterflies
I am so old, yet young all over again
Unheard, unseen by the heaven's eyes..
It is good to be pulled back, I know
To have a ground on a moonless night
But maybe this love of Earth and hearth
Is obsolete beyond that final flight!
Maybe someday I will join,
A gang of darker chimney clouds,
And slip away before mother calls back
Unseen by the noisy crowd..
And then there would be no need
Of a label, a name or even a verse,
For I won't be cloud anymore
I would be the Universe.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Rain Talking to Me

How have you been?
I know it was hot
And I know I am late..
But then this delay is
Worth the look in your eyes..
Your constant peeping out of the window
And melting your gaze
In every pregnant cloud..
I like it all..I do!
That's why I am always late..
I know how I make you feel
You get all your poetry out, don't you?
I make you forget
All the boring realities of your life
Or at least I make them better
When you walk to work
Under an umbrella!
I know I make you a little sad
When I come down at sundown
You don't like to obscure your sunsets
And mix them with uncertain nights..
But when you sit in a corner and weep
And add a few warm ones to mine
The beauty of that sorrow
Makes my short-lived existence worthwhile..
Then when you go to bed,
I turn into a drummer and
Keep you company in your dreams..
I know you want to see me when
You open your eyes,
So I try to stay
Fighting the persistent Sun Rays..
And the smile in your eyes
When you open the window for me
Makes up for the tears
That I brought the night before!
It is funny how you call it my moods!
How you don't like me or like me
At different times..
But just for the sake of conversation,
Are those moods really mine? :)
Stop explaining why you like me
And how you like me for reasons
That are strictly related to the weather
You can tell them all
That you like me, because
We have this thing going on
Between the two of us.
And even if you don't say it..
Everyone knows it by now!