Thursday, August 28, 2008

Desert Sand

Wavy hair against the wind
A Little palm pressed in her father's hand
She learnt to take her baby steps
In the shifting Earth of the Desert Sand
The clouds made shapes in her Happy Sky
And the Rainbows stretched in her wing span
But all her dolls and doll houses
Were always made of the Desert Sand!

The years began to show some Colors
As the Moon gave her a pair of tides
Her solitudes letting her get away
To see all her unseen sides
By the Oasis in the hesitant Rains
Her sculpted breasts and her easing waist
Were made of evasive Desert Grains
All her lovers faded into the Night
Slipped away from her porcelain hands
Her face was always full of Flowers
Flowers made of  the Desert Sand!

So many mirages to chase! 
And not one that quenches thirst
Solitude meeting Solitude again
In the shifting storms of the wise Desert!
She realizes that behind her curves,
Behind her beauty and her grace,
Of a Golden Deer in a Camel's Land
Lies the wisdom of a tired man 
Who's bones are made of Desert Sand!
Although she is known to many 
A Woman desired by every Man
She will return to what she blossomed from
The calm expanse of the Desert Sand!