Thursday, February 5, 2009

Grace and Gravity

Is Grace the reaction to Gravity?
It could be in the world of 
Trees, Birds and Dancers. 
Or even in the world of the freckled pebble
Thrown by a turbid mind
Into the calm lake that makes
Hypnotic, beautiful ripples. 
A little red dot skiing on a snowy slope
Or a tap dancer trying to make her point
In the gypsy drummer's argument
A butterfly flaunting her weightlessness
And an elephant showing off his gait
To an awestruck angry dog on the street. 

And even in the dimensionless world
Inside the black and blonde heads
Flippant thoughts trying to settle
Sometimes eluded at others deluded
Being pulled towards the core 
But trying to defy it, in their own adamant way. 
And when they eventually gather 
Over a day or a lifetime of fight
They turn into graceful dancers 
Who know when to leap 
And when to give in ..
And gracefully fold on stage!