Saturday, December 29, 2007

Happy Tomorrow

I think I will be Happy tomorrow
When the day gets short and cold
When I reach my desk with a tingling nose
Draped in wool and gold

I know I will be Happy
The day the Sun loans
Some of His aimless morning rays
To shine on my collar bones

I know Happiness is there
Just about a station away
And then I will be as merry and free
As the guitar-man on the Subway

I know I will be Happy tomorrow
Even as the morning I wake up to today
Sounds as sweet as the notes
That make up a perfect day

Even as the little white ones turn to gray
And leave a rain-kissed lawn
For me to get out of my shoes
And walk barefoot on
Even with the oven that announces
The birth of blueberry muffins
Or the empty moments of Nowhereness
That this generous day brings
In spite of everything right now
That seems to make me smile
I would love to postpone my Happiness
Just for a little while

For I know that the precious Tomorrow
Will bring the silver lines
That the gray ones that showered today
In their haste, left behind
I can't be dishonest, I know
I do feel a little bright
But I know that I can be Happier
On the other side of this night

For all the complex definitions
That my Yesterdays seem to teach
The Joy that is due Tomorrow
Seems oddly out of reach!

But beyond this idle boredom
And reveries that I seem to borrow
I know there waits for me
A Happy Happy Tomorrow.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

A Bankrupt Poet

Seven words for a Rainbow
And Five for the Universe
But so deserted in his Woe
A poet and his Bankrupt Verse

One too many for his Love
And how they cease to be
In his calm,silent Resolve
Or a sincere Apology

They have long assuaged his Anguish
And sedated his Restless Mind
Now it is sleepless hurt and languish
For they all are left behind

The space between the words
Turns to words between the space
And the Silences unheard
His empty poems face!

Saturday, December 1, 2007


Freedom is not Free,
It isn't free
It seems tied up
and comes with a price
It overhangs
and it nags

Sometimes it runs down
in streams on your face
As you try to fight the wind
On a roaring bike
It peeks through the paw marks
That the innocent puppy leaves
On a painfully vacuumed carpet
Just before the guests arrive
Or across the bridge that
Goes over the restless waves
And bypasses the uncertain tides
Going into a Free Sun
Free of the silk-draped Night
It can come down as Snowflakes
and Raindrops '
Or as a piece of unwrapped chocolate
After an honest workout

I wear it with pride
And forget to turn around
In some evil black magic moment
Freedom ties me down

Then the evident mirth over being Alone
And so blissfully Free
And my breath as I say the word
Turns into a Mockery.