Monday, January 21, 2008

The Unexpected Two Dollar Coin

Getting into a skirt after a long long time
As I pose, I suddenly find
Snugly asleep in the right hand pocket
A dull, golden two dollar coin!
I can feel it before I see it
Small, heavy with a sluggish pace
Unlike the ugly fifty cents
That seem to roll all over the place!

And as they pull it out of there
My fingers fade away into a dream
Of pairing it with another of it's kind
For an Afogato with two scoops of ice cream
Or maybe use three fourths of it
To buy a Koala postage stamp
And send home a letter full of pointless babble
With a clever card for my grand mom!
Spend it in the pharmacy
To remove the blackheads off my face
Or drop it with a melodious tinkle
In the mall singer's guitar case
A fancy pencil that goes swoosh-swoosh
Between the lines of my lab book
A dollar for the waiter in the Indian restaurant
And another for the cook

But then I think I would be nicer
If I just close my eyes
And save the fat chubby two dollar coin
For another Happy Surprise. :)