Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Action and reaction

What i do is not who I am
For then I could be
All the triumphs and failures
In their pride and humility

What i do changes shadows
As the Sun makes His round
So it could seem like a tall black cloud
But it will vanish by sundown

What i do, is not always a clay pot
But sometimes it is done like a River
Where rivulets of Time, Place and Change
Give it an uncertain Forever

What i do, is not always liked
Not even by the hands that make it
But then even Action has a breath of her own
And I cannot forsake it!

i will do a lot of things
For as long as I can be
But I promise to give up all the applause
As long as what i do is not Me.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Lab Poetry

Sometimes thoughts vaporize
As words under the gentle
And sometimes not so gentle
Heating of anxiety.

But sometimes,
They need to be burnt.
With silence.

Both lead to the same end.
Something that cannot be burnt
Or vaporized!