Sunday, February 19, 2012


Storytelling begins when the story is over
It is always accomplished by turning around and crossing your
Nerve embellished hands behind your hips
With a deep sigh, after the once-upon-a-time.

Try looking at your story before it ends
It never makes sense
You never see the long conveyor belt
On which you were placed as a baby
Winding down a long, tedious assembly line
You can never identify the age when you were
Ready to be packaged and stamped..

And to make things worse, when you try to look forward,
Everyone on the belt seems to get ahead of you
But don't worry. All of them are equally confused
And everyone is relatively successful
Or relatively retarded.

If you are doing something unusual, be prepared
To become one of those examples (I told you so!)
Depending upon how your story ends
(Or how your chapters conclude)
It is inescapable. Utterly inevitable.

Your journeys would never reach
The people on the conveyor belt
You would only be judged by the standard milestones
The miles in between are all yours to cherish
Don't bother translating your joy into any other language

No matter what you do, you will have a neat little story too
You will be able to turn around and then,
Draw a belt for yourself in retrospect. It would be funny.
Because you will realize that no matter how different you are,
You can still tell a very standard story with your life.

But that is not important.
What is important is whether you are happy
And that has nothing to do with the belt, the miles
Or the milestones or even your story!