Saturday, May 4, 2013


It isn't fair that there is a little passage
That connects reason and feelings
Sometimes, thoughts cross over
To the other side before you can capture them
Then they come back contaminated
With an unnecessary sense of purpose
And sometimes, feelings ooze
Into the other room, and come back
Rationalized and diffused

Shrinks spoil a good irrational depression
By linking it methodically to fathers (or mothers)
Reviewers dampen the claim to fame
By pointing a finger at error bars
Global warming interferes with long drives
And love, becomes a (reversible) neurobiochemical reaction

How exhausting it is to know
That every single decision is going to be sound
In retrospect. 

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Moving (on)

Nothing fits in my new house 
Everything was custom made for the old space
The table, the couch, the bed
The curtains and the lamp shade
All of them scream salvation
But I insist on remixing them, in the new place

It's not too bad actually. I repainted the ugly bits
Changed the sequence and the mood
Threw in a little gypsy on the librarian
And then I was quite proud
Of refitting my dreams to this new present
I don't have to start over, entirely. 
I could at least build on my mistakes? 
(That asymmetric flower vase?)

But then there comes a thirsty night
And the walk from the bed to the fridge
Brings about this traumatic collision 
Of a knee and a table from the past..
Blue-green bruises, beckon more than chilled water,
Ice packs, in the middle of the night

That one moment is enough for a complete meltdown.