Sunday, June 8, 2008


All the excess goes to You
Too much Joy and I can't share
The stifled tears 
And the silent Despair
They are all Yours to be heard
And also all that remains unheard
The giggling rivers of unexpected Happiness
And the silent Moonlight of Melancholy
The Des with the morning rays
And the sad soulful Puriya
That is never sung for the hundred ears
That surround me. 

And You never complain!
Even though You are all alone
And I am sometimes out of tune
Never skeptical of my easy Happiness
Or weary of my transient Tears

You give me fluffy clouds 
And a clear blue sky
When I come to You with a cloudy mind
And when I grow wings
You gently pull the Earth upwards
So that it touches the soles of my feet!

I am grateful 
And I will always be
In Laughter and Pain alike
For this compassionate Eternity!