Monday, February 25, 2008

The Blue Umbrella

The rain provokes Umbrellas
Purple, Pink and Mauve
Sometimes over some eccentric head
With bunny ears and painted whiskers!
Some of them are like little posh women
Folding into a non entity
And fitting snugly into a tiny handbag
They also make them for snobs
Pitch black with a curved handle
Large enough to fit five
But allowing only one aquiline nose
While the others shiver in soggy pants
Some of them are unpretentious
Openly advertising a grocery shop
While the bushy head underneath
Enjoys it's free dry space with a disarming smile
A little theater with Polka dots
And a big window with see through sheets
That lets you see the happy rain
Come down in silver lines
And how they end up flirting with wind
Turning inside out in the middle of the road
And dragging the frail bodies under them
Into a desperate rain-soaked frenzy
Some times in a busy mall
Sheltering two heads under one of them
Two halves holding dry hands
And the rest left at the mercy of the Rain
Sometimes when you have none
And you are two heads shorter than everyone
Walking under all of them
To reach the end of a busy street!
Little replicas of the prettiest of all
The Big Blue Umbrella
With Rainbows and clouds
And a million shimmering stars
That never goes out of fashion!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The Seven Twelve

All that idle thought
About what is yet to be
And what might not
The struggles to set me free
Of the fears yet unsought
And even later will be
A confirmed useless lot

Vanishes with the seven twelve
That takes me to the city
As I sit by the window and dwell
Over a pack of spaghetti
And whether I have enough tomatoes
To make a perfect sauce
All my borrowed woes
And the little cosmetic loss
Dissolve in caustic and brine
In a chaos, never to be recovered
And I am just as fine
All packed with a lunch and showered
Waiting again, for the seven twelve
That completes the circle
Of my worry-less quantum of Life!