Thursday, June 25, 2009


Green and Orange is Brown
Earthy Brown.
But one hundred Green
And one hundred Orange
Rarely ever makes
Two hundred Brown.
Putting White in between
Would not dilute the Green
Or the Orange either.

In the end it would be
The Orange sunlight of the dusk
Gently embracing the Greenery
By the tired Brown River.
So much for colours
And so little or absolute nothing
For the colourless Creator.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Humble Arrogance

I am not worried 
That I do not belong
Or there is no shouting mob
That embraces my anger
I am not worried 
That I do not feel 
Like a stranger among 
Strangers who are all together
I think rivers are beautiful
But I am not worried
About the cows that drink by them
Or the million white heads
Touching the ground 
In an orchestrated unison
I am not worried at all
Of going to a place
That I think is made 
For people like me
Because there isn't!
I am more important
Than all of that
All the belonging 
And letting go..

And I am ready to leave 
Leave it all behind..
For no God is bigger
Than the peace of My mind.