Sunday, June 23, 2013


It so happens at some point,
That we find ourselves enmeshed,
In someone else's irrevocable past,
Or its careful reconstruction, with all the moments,
That we chose to leave out of our version.
Or carefully strewn into someone's future
Fulfilling roles we were never meant to play
Someone's calculation, or manipulation
Someone's broken image of a best friend
Someone's angry and helpless  remorse
Someone's regret, someone's idea of betrayal
Constantly balancing on logic, that works on both sides

All of this, carefully covered under the hood
Of moving on; seemingly, towards future
Trying to act genuinely interested,
When secretly thinking of chocolate toast
Zooming in and out of Venn diagrams
Of social circles; getting the pleasure
Of being rolling stone, a thing-doer

Sometimes, all this buzzing is exhausting
The same circles of friendships and falling in love
Of self-evaluation and actualization; of all this noise
Going back and forth between absent pasts and futures

But it also happens to be,
That at this very moment, right here,
All of us are absolutely free.