Sunday, November 25, 2007

Literature Review

I know now of the Happiness
In knowing what Keats
Thought about Cats
Or what Robert Frost
Thought of Love and Thought

Now it is just one of those
Papers that talk of Cellulose
And the Chinese with their frenzied eyes
Producing research like plastic toys
I hate to admit but it could be true
That I care more about some Dr.Hu
Who's recent work seems to challenge
Everything known about Climate Change

The poet is now half forgotten
Like Ether left in an uncovered Flask
My words expressing stranger's thoughts
And a little grumpy about the Task.

Sunday, November 11, 2007


Little Joys have nimble limbs
Twinkle toes and tipsy moves

Like the uninvited sprinkle showers
That refuse to drench and choke
And play hide and seek
With your elderly black umbrella

..Or the big white cat sitting on the pavement
Licking her grass-kissed, overfed, pink paws
With her tuna fish tongue
Looking smugly at your futile frenzy
With her emerald green inertial eyes!

Unexpected blooms of Gardenia
Along an everyday,presumed sidewalk
Fragrant flowers popping out of rain kissed leaves
That make you slow down and sometimes..
Even pluck a few under the ambush of the starry night

Anonymous chocolates on your desk
And inexpensive cups of Chai Latte
Good music in your mailbox
Custom-played to inspire you!
Honest attempts at playing bad guitar
And looking for places full of solitude to practice
To save your few,close friendships.

And then a little trouble, a little pain
To get it all
In perfect Harmony!

Sunday, November 4, 2007

My Favorite Song

It comes back
Like lavender in old linen
Or like the hint of vanilla
That speaks of mum's cream-smeared
Butter-soaked,soft, tiny hands

I sang the same tune when I was sixteen
With half drunk dreamy eyes
I sing it again today
As I begin to summarize

Everything that changed unknowingly
Between the mathematically accurate beats
As I grew up between the frozen notes
The same verse and the same lines

It keeps me company as I toss a Salad
I half-listen to it as I run
A part of my mind's ear
Over-played yet unsung

I forget it for a while
Between papers, books and Coffee Shops
Then we suddenly meet at a corner
Like a whiff of freshly baked muffins

I see how my Life has changed since
The last time I sang along
For Better or for Worse, I would never Part
With the Return of my Favorite Song!