Friday, March 13, 2009

The Chemistry of Love

Love exists in allotropic forms.
Happiness could be the purest..
Or let us say most benign?
She is also Fear sometimes
Hiding her hairy moustache
With her transient tears.
In absence of patience or sometimes acceptance
She turns into the serpent
Of a constant,insatiable Anger
Or most of the times
Between wives and sisters
Crystallizes into a putrid substance
Called Jealousy.
She can turn into tyrannical authority
Without any warning
And sometimes extreme disappointment
So much so that every day
Seems like a big burden
There are nicer forms too
Like the one where eyes well up
With hysterical laughter
And all the other allotropes dissolve
Into a warm bubbling concoction
That suddenly makes everything
Seem happily possible
And makes you smile. Involuntarily.
I think that form is Friendship.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Poor impalpable breath!
Always gets overshadowed
By the opinionated mind.
But keeps his master's house
Clean, by going everywhere
With a bit of fresh air!

He puts his fleshy hands
On his master's shoulders
Only when really needed
When the nagging mind is left
Insufficient and exhausted
He comes out as a sigh!

Or when running up the hill
When the persistent bespectacled bookworm
Is muffled by the throbbing heart
He provides rhythm to the tired master
And prays him to go on.

Sometimes between sobs
Sometimes between laughter
Sometimes singing from a clogged nostril
With the change to an early winter

And in desperate moments of confusion
When the conscious wants to unwind
A deep breath in salvages sanity
From the tortures of the restless mind!