Sunday, March 16, 2008

Chemistry ;)

You and Me
Is just Chemistry
And love is a chemical too
So eat some bread for your seratonin
Next time you feel a little blue
When you think you have thought
A little too much
And you are looking for a place to flee
Try out an easier solution first
A fresh cup of tea!
What is future after all!
All that you want to do
Let it linger at the back of your mind
That dreams are molecules too!
Leftover opinions from the residues of past
The broken heart refuses to leave behind
When you give it a little Buddha thought
The Past and the Future are just in your mind!
You can sit back and sip coffee
Till the time memories and fears lurk
Beneath the shadows of your tired mind
You will know that opinions are just hard work!
And who are you after all?
A sub-atomic particle in this Universe
Oblivious and eager to change
But controlled securely by a nucleus :)

PS: This was supposed to be posted here, but I did it by mistake on PurpleMoon and now I am really bored to delete that one. :D

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Time Tables

I never carry a copy of the train time-table
I always go and wait on the station
Until the next one comes
Because I know it will in some time
It does not matter how long
I don't plan the ten minutes around it
I just wait.

And as I do sometimes
I meet an old woman
With a silver brooch on her dress
Who went to India in the early sixties
Or a woman whose Golden Retriever
Just gave birth to a litter
I see oddly adult school girls
Experimenting with makeup
And stiff men in shirt sleeves
Going to the city for work
Sometimes on a bench in the corner
Sleeps a wasted man, oblivious
To the frenzy of the sober world
And for a split second I envy him
For his dauntless abandon

Sometimes I can see my train
Going without me in front of my eyes
Because I am one minute too late
But then I just tell myself
That I am fourteen minutes too early
For the next one

I love the person inside me
Who does not care a crap
About train time-tables!